Welcome to MM stories. On this page you will find my stories, and poems. Because of my name, you may think that i only write mystories well, I don't. in fact I write many other stories. So sit back relax and enjoy!

    Madam Mystery

P.S. I am going to TRY change stories once a week so stay posted

A Hiku By MM


Summer is so FUN

I really like this season

Do you like summer 

Today is your lucky day because if you don't know how to right a hiku then you are about to learn.

The way you do it is like this.

First you think of a topic.

Then you will think of a sentece with five sylables.

After that you think of a sentence with seven sylables.

Last but not least you come up with your ending line wich should have five sylables.

That is how you right a Hiku. 

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