******* Hi and welcome to THE page of stories and poems by yours truly, Lady Longgone!  Here you will find stories and poems with topics ranging from Mars to the ocean, just waiting to be read.  Read them... IF you wish. *******

Lingering Wishes,  Lady Longgone


Yellow by Lady Longgone


Yellow is a banana and stars shining bright,

It gives you strength, it makes you right.

Yellow is the taste of lemonade, a delicious banana, some lemon cool aide.

Yellow is the smell of a bright sunny day.

Thinking happy thoughts make you feel that way.

Yellow is the sound of laughter and smiles.

It can make you run for miles.

Yellow is a banana farm, protected by fences, free of harm.

Yellow is full of happy thoughts,

Just like a light bulb with one hundred watts.

Yellow is happy, happy indeed.

Yellow plants thoughts, one with every seed.





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